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Gasspedal: Norwegian Small Press

Gasspedal is a small press publishing the chap book series Biblioteket Gasspedal, encompassing nine titles so far. The chap book format being almost unknown in the Norwegian literary field, BG is countercurrent to the standardisation of genres and the normalized 'book' as published and supported by Norwegian publishers and public founding.

BG #7, Das Beckvaerk’s The Democracy – Destination: Iraq is published in an English language edition, translated by Gayle Kynych. For more info about Das Beckvaerk, visit dasbeckwerk.com/.

BG #4, Monica Aasprong’s Soldatmarkedet is eminently readable also for non-Norwegian readers:

"Some visual poetry transcends the bounds of language, depending for its effects on the arrangement of individual letters outside the confines of words. Such is the case with Monica Aasprong’s charming Soldatmarkedet (Soldier’s Market), a recent handful of neo-typewriter poems released by the Norwegian press Gasspedal as part of its Biblioteket Gasspedal chapbook series" (from "Universal Asemia Develops a Voice", dbqp.blogspot.com).

Gasspedal also publishes the fanzine Grønn Kylling (arb. tittel), with 22 issues since 1997. In 2005 we collaborated with nypoesi.net and Audiatur to publish the 512 page Audiatur – Katalog for ny poesi in 2005.

Any of our publications can be ordered by mail, but because payment across countries can be rather expensive, we'd be more than happy to trade with similar publications or other DIY products.



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